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Shield Crete Beton Abdichtung und Schutz Produkte sind das einzige ihrer Art welches den Beton tiefenwirksam abdichtet und schützt. Andere Produkte auf dem Markt behandeln nur die Oberfläche des Betons sodaß er anfällig für Korrosion bleibt.

Down Draft Multi-Cyclone

Coating System



> 2—Operator positions

> 2—4 slot recipe or automatic gun slots

> Overhead conveyor slot

> Downdraft configuration


1. 16 pcs Multi cyclone

2. 16 pcs Rotary wing filter, second recovery system

3. 15 kw centrifugal fan, Volume Air 18000-22000 m3/min

4. 36”wide x 85” high part opening

5. 30” wide x 60” high operator openings


HACCP - FDA Coating

Profi segment

C5 has since 2003 been specialized in surface coating for industrial purpose.

The range of products is very wide and gives the customer a wide range of

possibilities to improve the surface and the characteristic of a certain product.

We have a large range of FDA approved



Z-EX Corn borer / Fusarium



The Z-ex can be used in maize, rapeseed, intercropping, cereals, maize stubble and under-sowing, meadow care, sunflowers,

flowering strips, wildlife areas, etc..


Background information

The Z-ex smashes maize stumps to the root and removes the corn borer larva where it tries to survive over winter.

The splicing of the stubble results in a better rot and thus a very good prophylaxis against the fusarium infection of the successor fruit.

A good work result is also confirmed in the corn by experts.


See the videos and speccification - Also In Russian language - Русский язык.

Powder Coating Reflection

Reflextion & long duration

Reflexion ist eine revolutionäre Technologie im Bereich der reflektierenden Pulverlacke. Unsere patentierten reflektierenden Pulver- und flüssigen Formulierungen bieten den ultimativen retroreflektierenden Effekt. Beste Referenzen liegen bereits vom US-Markt vor. Diese Technologie macht die Nacht zum Tag.

Energiesparsytem für Powder Systeme - 85% Energieeinsparung möglich

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