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CAM 110 Technology -  3D PRINTING

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3-D printing and the improvement of the technology’s deliverable products. CAM 110 enhances the production along with the finished materials by providing a more printable material. By reducing the friction during the initial printing process and eliminating surface pull and tear-effects.

Additionally, the curing is more efficient, the materials are denser and more resistant to chemical and environmental effects along with the ability to increase the amount of internal structural support materials (Fibers). All of this is accomplished with a single application process that is permanent and without need for additional applications throughout the Life Cycle of the materials.

Providing an Efficient, Economical and Environmentally Safe answer to support use and integration of 3-D Technology within standard Infrastructure and building practices.


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Industrial floors Loads: mechanical impact of transport vehicles, thermal loads, chemical load, electrostatic discharge.

Public parking decks Loads: vibration (cracks), high conc. CO2, chemical agents (oil, gasoline, water, salt), wetting of the substrate.

Commercial and public buildings (restaurants, showrooms, offices, private dwellings) Loads: mechanical, chemical (cleaning, food etc.), noise absorption.


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