3D printing - Cutting edge technology.

Or company sees 3D printing as the next step in construction from basic component and house construction to large infrastructure projects, as the technology increases its abilities. Working with industry leaders in the field and combining with technologies under our company umbrella we see a synergy to make this happen.

We have improved the basic design mix used in the production of projects and are working to improve the mechanical production with new technologies.

The benefit and long term vision is to integrate the technology into areas that can best benefit (Basic Home construction and general construction) this coupled with working with the Circular Economy outlook we can help to bring the benefits to these areas and working with local partners to develop the technology to best benefit their specific needs.

Contact us and let us work with you to develop a long reaching and beneficial program to expand the abilities and benefit your company and community on multiple levels.

Gantry Printing Setup -  option 1.

Proven to be a very reliable printer, this large system is being used the Technical Universities of Eindhoven and Melbourne.

Designed for large build volume, speed and accuracy, this machine is the very

best worldwide in gantry concrete printing

Robot Printing Setup -  option 2

The robot setup is the standard in concrete printing. Proven time and time again, it is the go-to solution for starters, research, modular

printing, high speed and accuracy.

For companies starting in 3D

printing this is an excellent choice, also for future tests and training.

Cable Printing Setup -  option 3

This printer is designed for printing houses and high rises. We see great potential in a printer that can easily be assembled and disassembled for new locations.

Further information

We have a range of 3D printer available for purchase. Production facility in Ukraine. We can supply your company with a specific design or model of your needs. Count on prices from 50.000 Euro and up.  

Rail Printing Setup -  option  4

This printer is designed for printing houses in series. This

system will make a row of small houses.

These systems are readily available with support for installation training and set-up through our group, please contact us details along with all the support technologies we offer for bringing the future to your project TODAY!

Print in colors

Print in the color you like for the garage, fence, or house etc,

We offer the concrete design mix in colors as well.  Many colors are available for your design.  Take a closer look and let your imagination find the right setup for you.

C5 Innovation Aps

Our company is highly specialized with a strong network, profound knowledge and innovative thinking. We can help your company to have a more competitive edge with more environmentally friendly solutions.

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