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All areas of concrete construction can benefit from the use/inclusion of CAM 110 Technologies into projects from new concrete placement to existing concrete needing remediation and performance improvement.

CAM 110 Technologies can extend life cycles of new placement projects along providing existing concrete with additional life cycle performance.

Read more here and get the knowhow in our traning center.

Concrete protection

CAM 110 & SA CAM 110 Provide Multiple improvements to concrete curing and performance. From elimination of the need for 28-day water curing, improvements in Compressive and Flexural Strengths, Protection from environmental and chemical attacks, along with many other areas of improvement.

CAM 110 technology eliminates or reduces the need for multiple other additives and treatments, while simplifying the application process in a more cost-effective manner, that is a Onetime treatment for the Design Life of the project.

3 D Printing Houses & fences

3D Concrete Printers are the next step forward in the construction industry and working with our teams for improvement on actual printer packages along with improvement of materials designs we are bringing forth the newest technologies.

To provide Cost effective, Repeatable High-Performance Innovative designs to meet the needs of all construction clients, from the ones looking for a cost-effective solution for housing to the client looking for the unique architectural design to make a statement.

3D Printing is the answer to these requests, only limited by the minds ability to conceive the next design project and its parameters.

Read more by following this link.

Corrosion protection / Industry C5 long

We offer you a wide range of product for Industrial use this include maritim, offshore, high temperature as well as coating for B2C products,  road marking, reflective paint  and more. 

EU / FDA approved coating & cleaners for Agriculture and Food Production

Our Hygiene System has been formulated to assist in the fight against harmful bacteria including MRSA and E-Coli while providing an attractive, durable and hard wearing floor finish that can be subjected to frequent cleaning regimes.

The Hygiene system is able to eliminate up to 99.9% of all bacteria landing on the surface of the floor and exceeds all international food processing and hygiene standards

including EU & FDA. 

Flooring solutions for Industry/ B2C

Please find the FLOOR EXPERT system references.  The text and pictures speak for themself. Take contact to us in case of interest and offers.

We handle request in Scandinavia.

Concrete Project and other illustrations
Saudi Bridge 3
Saudi Bridge 6 (1)

C5 Innovation Aps

Our company is highly specialized with a strong network, profound knowledge and innovative thinking. We can help your company to have a more competitive edge with more environmentally friendly solutions.

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