New Build and Architectural Impacts Area

HERACLEX (C) – UHPC (Ultra High Performance Concrete)

  • Reduced materials requirements by 20% to 30% resulting lower consumption and reduced CO2 impacts

  • Higher Strengths – Compressive and Flexural – allowing Lighter and more unique designs to be achieved in Exterior Facades/Outer Envelopes without lowering strength and while extending overall Life Cycle performance

  • Unique Public Furniture design with Triple Life of standard concrete performance

  • Reduced Time Scale for project completion by using precast UHPC Panels or GFR Panels to construct Exterior Facades/Outer Envelopes

  • Reduction of Long-Term Maintenance Cost

  • Elimination of Freeze Thaw effect

CAM 110 and SA CAM 110 Concrete Additives

  • Increased Life Cycle Performance
  • Reduction of Curing for concrete on project by 40% to 50% (Fast Track Construction)
  • Foot Traffic (Trades People) on the slab within 24 hours and point loads within 4 days (Scaffolding and Forklifts)
  • Elimination of Water Ponding Curing
  • Waterproofing of design matrix from the initial pour for the Life Cycle of the project (With a onetime treatment)
  • Reduction of Freeze Thaw effects
  • Replacement of Multiple Additives and Coatings with a Single Product
  • Elimination of Chloride and Chemical attacks
  • Elimination of staining from environmental effects
  • Elimination of Efflorescence (Salt Blooms) post placement
  • Install Flooring Systems within 14 days of initial placement of slab concrete
  • Stabilization of Colorization of design mix (Elimination of Color fading)

CAM 110 and SA CAM 110 - powerfull in performance - Amazing in price.