CO2 reduction & cement usage

CO2  potential impact of CAM 110 and SA CAM 110 in Concrete


The reduction of Portland Paste in Concrete design is a primary focus of CO2 reduction due to the large impact in the production of base materials. There are alternative materials that provide excellent solutions and can have multiple areas of environmental impact (Elimination of materials from the waste stream and alternate usage).

But there are issues with these various solutions, poor consolidation, lower strength development, porosity. These can all be offset with the use of CAM 110 and SA CAM 110. There by providing economical and effective solutions.

The production of our materials is a CO2 free process that is environmentally safe, along with the fact that it does not require new production processes and can integrate into existing production and building process.

  • Reduction of the total amount of Cement in design potential of 30 to 40 % based on research that has been performed and needs further proofing

  • Elimination of water for curing reducing the impact on resources

  • Working with design the inclusion of Fly Ash and GGBS in the design mix to reduce waste stream materials and make impact in reducing the need for sand in the design. With the use of CAM products, the pozzolanic response (Strength enhancement) can be enhanced and the potential negative aspects of these materials can be locked in the design.

  • Reduction in the amount of cover requirements to protect internal support elements reducing the need further for cement in the design. CAM products block the intrusion of chlorides (Salts) leaching into the concrete

  • Extension of Life Cycles of critical infrastructure elements there by reducing need for replacing and reducing the CO2 impact over the life of the project

  • Based on design the improvements of Compressive Strength and Flexural Strength has the potential for reduction in designs that will need to be proofed as well through engineering evaluations.

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