Concrete Repair and Renovation

Heraclex – Is a Ductile material that when combined with standard cement design mix produces a UHPC product that is superior in all ways to other repair and resurfacing materials.

It is cost effective, provides extended Life Cycle performance and Unmatched performance Compressive and Flexural Strength Performance.

When used in in conjunction with SA CAM 110 as at Pre-Treatment of the surface to be repaired/re-surfaced the Corrosion Potential can be eliminated and the placement of the Heraclex with Fiber the Self Pre-Stressing can exceed original design specifications. Saving Money,

Time and Extending Life Cycles.

Contact us with your project and let us show you what we can accomplish your team and ours.

Wastewater Treatment Facilities

There is probably no other conventional concrete application that is subjected to more sustained attack than wastewater treatment plants. From the moment the wastewater treatment plant is commissioned its concrete comes under constant attack from:

  • Sulphuric acid attack from raw sewage

  • Hydrogen sulfide gas attack on the crowns of pipes and tunnels that can collapse the degraded concrete over time

  • Surface abrasion attack from sludge, contaminants and other materials in the sewage stream flows removing the surface paste of concrete

  • Concrete contamination that enters via surface capillaries that can cause cracks and moisture seepage through the concrete matrix pores for placed concrete.

SA CAM 110 is a penetrant that fully enters the surface capillaries to invoke a calcium silicate hydrate reaction with the free cement and calcium to FILL (not just block) the capillaries with a reaction compound that ensures that none of the attack conditions listed above can damage the concrete surfaces, paste or matrix, greatly extending the service life of the concrete.

For ready mix concrete production, CAM 110 enhances the mix water ensuring production of stronger, denser concrete with fewer and shorter capillaries due to the improved curing and free cement hydration that results from its application into the mix before all other concrete components.

SA CAM 110 and CAM 110 are totally VOC free, safe to apply and cannot harm the environment. C5ST products, based upon a unique catalyzed colloidal nano silica technology, provide permanent concrete protection solutions that no coating, membrane, or conventional surface chemical treatment products can ever match.