HERACLEX – With our Ductile material we can provide an UHPC at 30% of the current existing cost structure to provide a cost effective and time reducing answer for project specific applications (i.e.- Bridge Surface Overlay, Tunnel Resurface and Mix Tank Resurface).

With Heraclex extended Life Cycles of 150-200 years can be designed into new projects to provide extended life cycle savings. While reducing materials need and on-going maintenance cost.

        3D printing                                                           Heraclex  - Area of usage                                               Heraclex 

CAM 100 / SA CAM 110 

CAM 110/SA CAM 110 – With our concrete add-mix and spray applied (mix design, time of placement and existing concrete) we can provide extended life cycles while helping to reduce construction time by 30-40%.

The materials are dosed/applied only once for the Life Cycle of the design. And provide a cost-effective means that give multiple benefits for project design or extending the Life Cycle of infrastructure (i.e.- Bridges, tunnels and roadways). The applications are VOC free and 100% environmentally safe.

By combining the two materials above we can provide solutions for degraded infrastructure that will extend life cycle and eliminate the need for immediate replacement for better funds allocation during project replacement cost review.

We can also provide project application recommendation from a team of materials engineers and design experts.

Please contact us with your project overviews so we can discuss the options and provide you with a complete package of recommendations.  

CAM 110 & SA CAM 110 Specifications

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Our Hygiene System has been formulated to assist in the fight against harmful bacteria

including MRSA and E-Coli while providing an attractive, durable and hard wearing floor finish that can be subjected to frequent cleaning regimes.

The Hygiene system is able to eliminate up to 99.9% of all bacteria landing on the surface of the floor and exceeds all international food processing and hygiene standards

including EU & FDA.  Please find below in Ukrainian  & English.

Ukrainian                                                                                      English


Please below find the Helios Spektra. Active Air.  Fast and safe reduction of  formaldehyde in house and institutions..

Please also find the FLOOR EXPERT system references.  The text and pictures speak for themself. Take contact to us in case of interest and offers. We handle request in Scandinavia.



Reflectionight offers reflective coating solutions.  Nighttime objects coated with

Reflectionight Paint or paint additives become illuminated.

This versatile reflective technology is easy to use and very effective.  Reflectionight technology is one of a kind.

Reflectionight has an easy all in one solution  to reflective powder coating.  We also have propietary reflective glass bead additives and process solutions for liquid paint.  Our innovative powder can't be beat in its reflectivity, it is extremely  durable, cost effective, and at night the coating projects the visibility of objects over 300 meter.  This is lifesaving. Reflectionight will change the way people see at night.

Reflectionight's patented powder formulation and application process can be used to make any powder coating  friendly surfaces retroreflective.  Reflectionight powder coating paint is available in many colors, textures, and clear coats. This is the first ever reflective powder coating paint. It is easy to apply, cost effective, highly reflective, and the most durable, mar and scratch resistant paint in the world.  Our reflective additives contain NO heavy metals.     

Our additives and portable application system transforms liquid paint surfaces.  Guard-rails, post painting,  parking lots and fire hydrants can all become retroreflective.  This portable liquid paint process can be applied in the field....providing a cost effective and user friendly safety solution.




C5 Innovation Aps

Our company is highly specialized with a strong network, profound knowledge and innovative thinking. We can help your company to have a more competitive edge with more environmentally friendly solutions.

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