With our Ductile material we can provide an UHPC at 30% of the current existing cost structure to provide a cost effective and time reducing answer for project specific applications (i.e.- Bridge Surface Overlay, Tunnel Resurface and Mix Tank Resurface).

With Heraclex extended Life Cycles of 150-200 years can be designed into new projects to provide extended life cycle savings. While reducing materials need and on-going maintenance cost.


  • Bridges 

  • Precast segments for tunnels

  • Wide span roofing systems

  • Building façades

  • Cladding panels

Urban furniture:

  • Bus shelters

  • Benches

  • Grates

Hydraulic engineering:

  • Pipes

  • Drainage channels

  • Tanks for either water or dangerous liquids


  • Statuettes for garden

  • Design objects


The use of the HERACLEX® technology allows to obtain an UHPC with the following characteristics:

  • ultra resistant in compression (more than 160 MPa), in tension and bending (more than 40 MPa);

  • extraordinarily tough, resistant to blast and impact;

  • abrasion resistant, ultra fatigue-strong;

  • slim and lightweight, thanks to its ultra performances;

  • durable (not vulnerable to corrosion);

  • equipped with dimensional stability;

  • perfectly smooth side-view;

  • stain-resistant and waterproof on demand;

  • eco-friendly;

  • recyclable at the end of the life cycle;

  • non-toxic (the material doesn’t release toxic chemical, during neither production nor use);

  • fireproof (MO-A2 class);

  • customizable (in its shape, colour, roughness…);

  • doesn’t require nor surface finish or painting.


  • Ultra-high mechanical performance and durability, thanks to a very compact matrix as well as to the use of fibers;

  • Competitive on the market for a better resistance to weight ratio;

  • Eco-friendly for the use of valorized industrial by-products

Interior design:

  • Tables

  • Chairs

  • Bookcases

  • Assorted objects

  • Bath tubs, shower trays and bathroom furniture