The problem:  A large number of Silos in the area of farming, agriculture and general grain production suffer under old and corroded concrete.  It is expensive to replace and shortened windows and time for replacement. The general usage of heavy machines and chemicals destroy the concrete surface, and it becomes dusty/unstable with a danger for the storage of corn / grains and creating a growth area organism that can prove dangerous for animals and humans.

The solution:  The best solution for this type of problem is simple and fast.  Cleaning and remediation time is plus 24 hours and the area is back in service. 

And the best of all is that its service life is extended.  We are talking  of a solution based in a new technology CNS  that can enter   the concrete capillaries down too 32nm, filling the capillaries with CNS GEL and close the surface, eliminate corrosion in rebar and improve the strength of the concrete in one go. 

HOW is this done then, the surface must be cleaned with high pressure units, without chemicals. The surface can be damp when the SA CAM 110 is applied with an airless sprayer until saturation. When done wait 24 hours and the area is ready for use.

This solution is used with great success for Tunnels, wastewater treatment plants and drinking water reservoirs and well as any other corroded concrete. Including parking garages etc.

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