FDA_ EU_approved

Polymer coating FDA / EU Certificate

Polymer coating with FDA for extreme conditions.
FDA & EU 1935/2004.

Food processing and excessive noise exposure are inseparably connected. This applies for bottling as well as for bulk handling of solid food. Friction, moisture, heat and aggressive cleaning agents are parameters which push technical surfaces to their performance limits.

Scope of application:

Breakage protection for frozen food & Corn mills
Bottle grippers (grab arms) & Reversing stations coatings can be equipped with non-stick features, on the one hand, and their soft characteristics protect products, such as frozen or sensitive food, against breaking, on the other hand.

Noise-deadening is a quite welcome side effect of the elastic protective layer. (Multi-) head scales.

Vibration elimination

Providing sound deadening for surfaces by means of structure-borne noise coatings – seamless, humidity-protected and decoratively – as required in accordance with international FDA pharmaceutical and food standards.

MetaLine surface protection system.

Various forms of structural loss are part of all industrial manufacturing processes. Prevention, constructive strengthening and parts regeneration are, however, clearly limited by technical and economical constraints.

Improvement measures are bound by compromises regarding cost and possible life-time extension. This optimization approach more or less neglects traditional spare part replacement for this measure only remedies the consequences, however, not the underlying causes.

One could say that irrespective of the part, the problem stays the same.

MetaLine surface protection systems

metaline help to solve this important processing problem. When it comes to corrosion protection, their strategy is two-fold.

Primarily, MetaLine 924 which may be applied with a brush is used as an electro-chemical active (anodic) pretreatment measure offering a galvanizing protective function. Even with partial damages, the self-healing characteristics – similar to hot-dip galvanizing – protect against corrosion attack and borderline penetration.

Then follows spray-on seamless encapsulation with a high-performance elastomer belonging to the MetaLine Series 700. This permanent barrier offers protection against direct medium contact, exposure to weather, humidity, impact, mechanical disturbances or permanent immersion conditions.