Concrete is widely used in the mining industries where many metals and contaminants cause structural damage though various forms of chemical attack.

Ferrite metals, gold extraction, Sulphur, salt and groundwater moisture poses particular challenges to the durability and longevity of concrete infrastructure above and below ground.

All of these contaminants attack concrete via the surface capillaries of the concrete Conventional coatings and membranes fail to withstand many impact damages from mine materials and transport processes – exposing the concrete underneath to further damage over time.

CAM 110 Technology delivers long term protection through its unique Colloidal Nano Silica technology which can produce stronger, denser ready-mix concrete with the mix water enhancing properties of CAM 110.

The post placement treatment product SA CAM 110 can purge contaminants from, and /or encapsulate these contaminants within the concrete through invoking a Calcium Silicate Hydrate (C-S-H) reaction that completely fills the capillaries and hardens the surface paste at the same time.

Where coatings are desired, SA CAM 110 provides a bond strength improvement of up to 54% due to the improved surface hardness after treatment.

For below ground concrete infrastructure SA CAM 110 provides long term protection against salt, Sulphur, moisture and other attacks on the concrete.