Pre casting Concrete

Pre-Caste Concrete suppliers are always searching for ways to improve the cosmetic appearance, structural performance and design life of pre-caste concrete infrastructures such as pylons, culverts, beams, bridge decks and pre-cast panels.

In addition, the use of reinforcing steel in manyinfrastructure products require long term corrosionprevention.

CAM 110 technology can deliver many benefits to this  industry.

With the ready-mix concrete itself as the main input to pre casting processes, CAM 110, inserted into the mix water before the aggregates, cement and admixtures are added – delivers stronger, denser concrete with fewer capillaries and an increased hydration of the free cement in the concrete mix. This also enhances the cosmetic appearance of the concrete surfaces.

Pavers can be produced within enhanced colour and water barrier properties.

Architectural concrete treated with SCP shows a visibly improved cosmetic appearance with the absence of dry shrinkage cracks.

For structural concrete such as beams and bridge decks, the application of SA CAM 110 at the time of casting, or later in situ for existing concrete beams and decks,

SA CAM 110 delivers a longer design life and higher immunity from corrosion potential by ensuring that the capillaries are filled completely – denying the ingress of corrosion electrolytes such as oxygen and water and all forms of mould and mildew and any other contaminants for the whole of the service life of the concrete after only one spray application.

CAM 110 products, based upon a unique, catalyzed colloidal silica technology, provide permanent concrete protection solutions that no coating, membrane,

admixture or conventional surface chemical treatment products can ever match.