Tunnel constructions

One thing all tunnels have in common is that they leak groundwater. The hydrology engineering is always designed to collect and drain seeping water through channels built on the edges of the tarmac or railway lines installed on the floor of the tunnel.


However, the groundwater often seeps through the overhead or side wall concrete and this can cause problems when this contaminated water comes into contact with overhead lighting, cars or railway vehicles transiting the tunnel and the concrete surface – causing failure of paint or coatings that may be installed through de-bonding. In excessive quantities this can also present a traffic hazard.


The buildup over time of efflorescence on concrete tunnel walls can make the installation of protective paints or coatings such as polyurea only last a short while before they need to be replaced.

CAM 110 products, which are based upon a unique, catalyzed colloidal silica technology, provide permanent concrete protection solutions that no coating, membrane, or conventional concrete surface chemical treatment products can ever match.

Specific Benefits for Tunnels

  • Deeply penetrates and protects concrete from deep within (not merely the surface layer)

  • Fills entire length of capillaries and creates a permanent internal compound that is immune to attack
  • Protects concrete from ALL forms of attack (Moisture, Acid, Salt, Corrosion, Chloride penetration & Hydrogen Sulfide gas attack)

  • Reduces chloride content by up to 45%
  • Reduces abrasion loss by over 50%

  • One-time only application. Lifetime protection

  • Reduces drying shrinkage by up to 94%

Further details

  • Superior to water ponding cure

  • Rapid cure solution - site access to newly poured concrete in only 24 hours (not weeks)

  • Huge productivity benefits and time savings on jobsite

  • Unique mix water enhancer for ready mix concrete, produces stronger, denser concrete with much fewer capillaries

  • ZERO VOC content - 100% nontoxic and safe to apply

  • Removes the need for: curing membranes, damp proof membranes, corrosion inhibitors, surface hardeners, water ponding, strengthening compounds and densifiers