Water remediation. 

The problem:  Another successful area of application are water channels  and parking areas. We have in this showcase chosen the parking garage area due to a number of requests from clients.

Water in underground areas is constantly under water pressure.  This is one of the main reasons why the water is seen in parking areas. In some severe cases they must be closed, and expensive repairs must be done.  The solution is to treat in the inside of the parking area (negative side) and is 100% safe and effective.  The solution is simple and straight forward.

The solution:  The joints, surfaces etc. must be clean pressure washed. While surface is wet the solution and application can be applied to the concrete surface.  The SA CAM 110 is sprayed on the surface and penetrates to close the surface within 24 hours. That means the downtime is equal to the cleaning time plus 24 hours after application.  No other solution offers this with a lifetime warranty. And to a price that is unbeatable.

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